We take every opportunity to use only the most responsibly sourced products that we can find instead of cutting corners (and costs) for a quick buck.


Locally source, all-natural, certified Angus beef, ground daily in house! Low stress handling combined witih never using antibiotics or growth hormones creates a product that you can trust and taste the differrence.


Organic chicken raised as part of the 5-step animal welfare ratings developed by the Global Animal Partnership. The chicken we use is free range, never given antibiotics and always fed a vegetarian non-GMO diet.

Fork in the Road Hot Dogs

A San Fransico company composed California  family farmers and chefs. Fork in the Road pasture raises their cattle never using antibiotics or hormones.  The hot dog is and crafted, wholesome delicous. Importantly also is that the  company itself is always community driven in everthing they do. 



Straus Family Creamery

A family owned business that is dedicated to the highest quality and most minimally process products. Located in Marshall, CA Straus is a 100% certified organic dairy.


Horizon Dairy

A company over 20 years old specializing in organic dairy. Environmentally responsible and a leader of the in responsible labeling movement in America.



Challenge Dairy

A California company for over a 100 years, Challenge dairy has been offering high quality honest products. Challenge never uses Rbst hormones or antibiotics and has been 100% natural from their humble beginning.



Clover Stornetta Dairy

Started in Petaluma in the early 1990’s Clover dairy farms strive to live up to the standards created so many years ago. Made up of a cooperative of family farms Clover Stornetta not only focus on quality but is dedicated to finding ways for their company to operate “greener”




Boss sources our produce from a variety of farms with the idea that local and organic is our goal. Most of our ingredients will come from California farms and when we not can’t find it, we will always source vegetables that will be best subsitute considering our ridged standards. Here are some of the farms and suppliers  we will be using:

Margarita Farms
Santa Margarita, CA


Sundance Natural Foods
Oceanside, CA


Capay Farms
Capay, CA


Jay Leaf
Hollister, CA


Foxy Organics
Sallnas, CA


California Terra Gardens
Burlingame, CA


JW Produce
Watsonville, CA


Wholesum Harvest


        Kern Ridge Growers
                    Arvun, CA


          Christopher Ranch
                    Gilroy, CA


Heinz Organic Ketchup


Q&B Non-GMO Real Mayonnaise


Morehouse Organic

Yellow & Horseradish


County Fair Sauerkraut

Giusto’s Organic

Flour and Cornmeal


Sonoma Vinegar’s


Let’s do it! Organic

Ice Cream Cones